Joker - Dagali

SINCE 1923

At the shop in Dagali, you get most things you might need. In addition to groceries, local goods are sold from Hallingdal and Numedal.

In the summer you can buy fishing equipment and fishing licenses, and in the winter ski skiing. Joker also offers some kitchen utensils, painting items, toys, fines for bicycle tires, gas etc. At the store you will also find mail in store, games from Norsk Tipping, free Wi-Fi to customers, and a Red Tourist office.

On the parking place on the other side of the store there are four car charges. So here it is very easy to get refill both for you and your car. There is a lovely sitting area aside and you can use the time to walk through the forest to the river and look at the rafting boats coming by. Or make an easy lovely walk to the church.

Contact Joker - Dagali

Telephone: +47 320 93 714

Mail:[email protected]

Address: Dagalivegen 150, 3588 Dagali