Husky meet and greet

Visit Geilo Huskys kennel and meet real longdistance huskies, middistance hounds and playful puppies

Get a guided tour of our kennel and meet all our fine athletes and upcoming superstars. All our dogs are kind and very happy to cuddle and play with big and small. And from the beginning of July we have puppies of four weeks and ready to receive small groups of guests. Lovely little ones that are high and low. We have around 35 dogs, so here you will find your favorite.

Where: Address will be sent when booking, we are located in Skurdalen, about 15min drive from Geilo.

After the kennel visit, we can recommend a trip to our neighbor who has a cozy farm shop with sales of own produced goat cheese, meat, food and things.

Suitable for: Abolutely everyone who likes dogs

Duration: 2 hours

Clothing: The dogs live outside and they like to be close to everyone who wants to cuddle with them. Wear clothes that can withstand being outside and can be washed.

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