Hol Ysteri

Hol Ysteri and local grocery store are part of the family business Prestholt Geitost which is run by the Stenberg family.

The shop sells cheeses from local dairies such as Rueslåtten Ysteri and Prestholt Geitost. As well as cheeses produced in Hol Ysteri such as "Leirgrøv" Kvit Geitost, "Gurostølen" kumleksost made on Stølsmelk and "Hamarsbøen" with natural, Smoked cheese and Key cheese.

Prestholt Geitost has been awarded Gold in the National Championships in Farm Cheese for Brown Goat Cheese in 2015 and 2016.

Hol Ysteri also has its own meat department with local goat meat.