Kicksled rental in Geilo

Kicksled have long traditions in Norway!

At Geilo you can rent kicksleds from several of the accommodations and in the city centre. Kicksled as transport is both effective and fun! When cycling is over and the cold sets in, this is also widely used among the locals in Geilo. As a guest at Geilo, you can take part in this tradition by renting a kicksled. Geilo also organizes the Spark WC every year!

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“The World's Biggest Kicksled” 

In 2011, it was the 30th time the Spark World Championships were held in Geilo. At that time, a 4.53 meter high kicksled was made to celebrate this year's event. At the time, this was the biggest kicksled in the world.

The friends from the Sandefjord Snakk, Snaps and Sparkstøttingforening participated with the big kicksled and pulled it for 600 meters in one of the competitions in the Spark WC. A tractor helped them up the hill. After the competition, they donated it to Geilo as an anniversary gift for the 30-year-old Spark World Championships. The kicksled is now at the side of the FV 40 highway, just below the center of Geilo. You can park at Geilojorden and take a picture with the kicksled if you wish.

Kicksled WC in Geilo

The Spark WC has been held at Geilo since 1982, it is a unique event in many ways. It is informal, social and a tradition event. The Spark WC appears today as a winter carnival. There are essentially 3 classes for adults and a separate Spark WC for children.