Dagali Museum

The charming village museum in Dagali will have its buildings open in the summer of 2024. Outside of opening hours, you can always visit the museum as a park. Opening hours are Wednesday to Sunday 11:00 - 16:00 between 3th of July ans the 9th of August.

This year's exhibition at Dagali Museum is called Tapestry and features works from, among others, Kirsten Halland, Margit Halland, Birgit Hagen, and Gro Randen.

Dagali Museum is located in the heart of the mountain village of Dagali. Here you will find buildings and artifacts from Dagali, Skurdalen, Tunhovd, and Uvdal. Most of the collection is in the Numedal tradition, as Dagali belonged to Uvdal municipality until 1944.

The museum is set up like an old farm with nine different farm buildings from Dagali, most of which date back to the 18th and 19th centuries. In addition, you will find the old schoolhouse from the village and an exhibition building with a collection of costumes and artifacts.

Dagali Museum was originally a private collection. Teacher and banner sergeant Gunnar Stensen (1870-1970) started collecting artifacts around 1900 and buildings from around 1920 onwards. He built up the collection on his own farm, Fagerlund. In 1947, he bequeathed the entire museum to the village, and the Dagali Museum Association was founded to manage it.

Every summer, renowned artists exhibit in the Kjønaas storehouse. The museum day during Dagali Days in mid-July has become a pleasant tradition, with outdoor church services, refreshments, open houses, and various activities.

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