Fatbike – Rental and guided trips

Fat bikes are quite similar to regular bikes, but have much wider rims and larger tires that provide enough support to ride on the snow. If you haven’t tried a ride with a fat bike before, you get that chance here in Geilo! 


We believe that everyone who enjoys cycling should experience cycling on a fat bike. In Geilo, the guide, Nina, at Geilo Aktiv organizes shorter, evening trips that are suitable for most people, but also longer trips in the mountains for skilled cyclists. It is also possible to rent fat bikes, in case you want to try it out for yourself or with friends!
Nina Gässler, at Geilo Aktiv, is a fat bike and cycling enthusiast. She has a lot of experience in winter cycling and has, among other things, cycled the Iditarod fat bike race in Alaska. She gives you the opportunity to try out the best that Geilo has to offer in fat bike cycling!
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Fatbike evening tour
01 Dec - 07 Apr

Fatbike evening tour

Guided tour on fat wheels - every week.

Fatbike rental in Geilo

Geilo Aktiv rents out fatbikes with pick-up and drop-off at Vestlia Resort.

Fatbike rental

Fatbike rental

Fatbike Giant Yukon - pick up at Vestlia Resort


FATiquette - trail manners

It is desirable that everyone who wants to can enjoy nature and the ski-track network that we have available in Geilo and the surrounding areas. Because of that, “FAT Rules” have been developed so that everyone understands what guidelines apply and how to communicate with each other out in the mountains. It is important to remember that a fat bike is a guest on the cross-country ski track. Everyone who rents a fat bike is, therefore, asked to read the FAT rules before going out into nature. Read the FAT rules here:

Read the FATiquette rules here: 



Practical Info:

- Windproof, comfortable trousers and wool underwear. It is important that the clothes are spacious enough for you to move freely.
- Comfortable, windproof jacket and wool underwear. Remember that you can always undress, so it’s better to have too much than too little clothing.
- Gloves are recommended. If you rent a fat bike, it is possible to borrow handlebar gloves that insulate, keep you warm, and can easily be combined fitted gloves.
- Winter shoes that go over the ankle, e.g. hiking boots. Sneakers are not recommended as it gets quickly cold with them.
- Helmet. Bring your own, but it is also possible to borrow one.
- Turtleneck/neck covering or Buff.
- Hat or headband to wear under the helmet. Preferably a little thin and without tassels.
- If you have: gaiters or covers for the shoes.
- If it snows, it can be nice with ski or cross-country goggles. Remember to use clear glasses in the evening.