A fast-paced activity, for anyone over the age of 16 with a valid driver's license. In Geilo you can participate in snowmobile rafting and scooter riding at Geilo Aktivitetssenter. In Dagali you can test driving on a track at Dagali Opplevelser, or participate in a calmer safari trip in nature and maybe you are lucky enough to see the elk up close?

Geilo Aktivitetssenter



Geilo Aktivitetssenter offers fun with snowmobiles throughout the winter. Every week there is snowmobiling and rafting behind the scooter for groups over 4 people. During the activity, you will be divided into teams that will run relays against each other at the ideal time. The activity is for everyone over the age of 16 (with a valid certificate for a car, moped, motorcycle, tractor or snowmobile) and takes place in a separate area to ensure safety. Followed by the relay, it is ready for snowmobile rafting with two people in the ring. Here it is important to stay the longest on the ring, and the question is: How long do you last?

If you are a larger group who want team building activity in combination with snowmobiling, the activity "Friske Fraspark" can be recommended. Here you get to choose 4 different fun activities the group will compete in, including snowmobiling. Please contact [email protected] for inquiries and more information.


Dagali Opplevelser



In Dagali, Dagali Opplevelser offers snowmobile safaris. This is a nice snowmobile ride in a beautiful winter landscape. This is a quieter trip that is suitable for most people, including children up to 4 years of age. The trail is about 40 km long, and the length of the trip is adapted to the group that is with.

If you want more action, you can test strong snowmobiles on track in Dagali. The snowmobile track has both turns and straight, so here you get to test yourself on speed and excitement. The snowmobiles used for track riding are of the Yamaha Phazer type. An easy one-seater that can be easily maneuvered through the trail. Previous snowmobiling is not necessary.

To book a snowmobile safari or track ride, contact Dagali Opplevelser directly

Snowmobile as transport?



In Havsdalen Jonny Hermansen Snøscootertransport offers snowmobile transport to and from the cabin, and also cabin maintenance. For more information, contact Joonny Hermansen directly.