Riverboard - fun and wet experience


Riverboard - Feel the Nature!

You can’t get any closer to the forces of nature—a trip down the river offers a lot of speed, excitement, and not least, action.  

On a trip with a riverboard, you can surf, navigate rapids, and really get to know the forces of nature in the Numedalslågen river. Each participant is supplied with all the necessary equipment, such as, riverboard, flippers, wet suit, safety vest, helmet, and not least, a thorough safety instruction before going out in the river. Guidene følger med deg hele veien, også på turen ned elven.
The trip in the river lasts for 2-3 hours, and has a minimum age of 16 years. Everyone who participates on a riverboard must be in good physical condition, be able to swim, and not least, be able to take a good deal of water; because, if anything, we can guarantee that you will be getting wet!

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