Boat and Canoe

Let the Halnekongen boat take you into the national park or rent a canoe/boat in Geilo to explore the Ustedalsfjorden and Veslefjorden lakes

Halnekongen boat


With the Halnekongen as transport, you get access to many great hikes in the national park, but it is also possible to use the boat for a great round trip on the plateau.

The boat offers transport from the Halne Fjellstugu, located by the RV7 highway, to the stops at Skaupa and Sleipa. The popular boat route has been in operation since 1954, when nothing was yet built at Sleipa. Feel free to also stop by the Halne Fjellstugu, where they can tell you about great hiking routes with the Halnekongen as starting point, or for a wonderful lunch!
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Canoe and Boat Rental

Geilo is a fantastic starting point for you who want experiences by boat or canoe.

Geilo is a fantastic starting point for you who want experiences by boat or canoe. Geilo Aktiv and Hol Turlag offer canoe and boat rental centrally in Geilo. In total, there are 5 canoes and 1 boat for rent. Hol Turlag own 4 of the canoes, and is located at the Veslefjorden. The canoe, "Freya," belonging to Geilo Aktiv, is placed at Geilo Beach—where you can take a paddle trip on the Ustedalsfjorden lake. The boats have room for 3 people, alternatively 2 adults and 2 small children. A great family activity..maybe you can also see tracks from some of the beavers that live along the lake edge?

If you would like to rent a boat, the Hol Turlag rents out the boat, “Askeladden,” with room for 5 people. Ores and safety vests are always included in the rental. 

Kayaking in Arctic Waters

Paddling at Finse must be the closest one can come to paddling in "arctic waters" with a magical view over the mountains and glaciers.

Kayaking at the Finsevann lake takes place in steady, double kayaks, with a focus on security and learning. The guides on the tour will tell you the exciting story of the area from the stone age hunting culture, settlements, and the importance of the wild reindeer, to the building of the Bergen rail line. You will also hear more about Finse as a testing and training area for polar expeditions from the past and present. 

Kajakk Dagali Fjellpark

Kayaking School

Dagali Fjellpark tilbyr kajakkskole for nybegynnere og viderekommende.

Dagali Fjellpark offers a kayaking school for beginners and intermediates. 

They have varied courses with different levels of difficulty, from 1 day to multi-day courses—tailored to your wishes and needs. Contact Dagali Fjellpark directly if you want to participate in a kayaking course. 

Fo booking, please contact Dagali Fjellpark directly. 

Fly fishing


Fishing is suitable for everyone! Geilo and Hol municipality offers a sea of ​​fishing opportunities in both rivers and lakes.

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