Glacier tour on Hardangerjøkulen

Explore Norway's sixth largest glacier!

Exploring the blue ice is an unforgettable experience. Together with experienced glacier guides from Jøklagutane, you get the opportunity to see the glacier Hardangerjøkulen up close. Glacier guiding on Hardangerjøkulen is organized by Jøklagutane and is available from the beginning of July until the snow settles in September. There are normally daily trips in the summer season, meeting at Finse station, which is located along the Bergen Railway. You can only get to Finse by train, and the glacier tour is always set up after the train times and ensures that you are back so you can catch the train home.

Glacier Tour on Hardangerjøkulen
12 Jul - 07 Sep

Glacier Tour on Hardangerjøkulen

A spectacular Glacier Tour in the Nationalpark!

Shoe rental - Only for glacier tours with Jøklagutane at Finse.
12 Jul - 07 Sep

Shoe rental - Only for glacier tours with

Shoe rental for glacier tours at Finse with Jøklagutane

Practical information about glacier tour

The glacier tour is guided by experienced glacier guides, and on the hike up to the glacier there are a few stops where you can learn about the area and the glacier's long history. At the foot of the glacier approx. an hour and a half's walk from Finse, there is normally a meal break before you are given all the necessary equipment. When the crampons, climbing harness and belays are attached, the trip begins on the spectacular glacier. The trip on the blue ice is just as spectacular regardless of the weather, especially when it rains. Then the wonderful blue color appears in the ice. Be aware that it can be cold on the glacier and the weather can change quickly even in the middle of summer. We recommend that you wear good hiking boots, wind and waterproof trousers and a jacket and that you pack a thick sweater, mittens and a hat. Remember sunglasses and sunscreen with a high spf. Bring enough food and drink! The trip lasts 6-7 hours with a distance of 15-17 km. Most of the trip is in hilly high mountain terrain outside the marked DNT trail.

What is glacier tour?

Hardangerjøkulen is Norway's 6th largest glacier. Experience the blue ice up close together with a guide, you walk in rope teams all the way. The nature around Finse will make you gape, it is simply spectacular! You should experience this before it is too late. With climate change and the increase in temperature, the Hardangerjøkulen could disappear by the year 2100.

Who is glacier tour suitable for?

Glacier tour is suitable for most people, you should be in good physical condition as the trip lasts 6-7 hours with a distance of approx. 16 km. Most of the trip is in hilly high mountain terrain outside the marked trail. The age limit is 12 years. In some cases, slightly younger children can join, if they are used to longer day trips. Get in touch with Jøklagutane.

Facts about Hardangerjøkulen Glacier

Hardangerjøkulen is the sixth largest glacier in Norway and is located just north of the Hardangervidda in Hordaland. The glacier has an area of ​​about 73 km² and the highest point at 1863 meter above sea level. Hardangerjøkulen has several glacier arms, where Blåisen, Midtdalsbreen and Rembesdalskåka are the most famous.

Did you know?

  • Midtdalen was used, among other things, for the recording of Star Wars episode V: "The Empire strikes back like the ice planet Hoth"
  • The Germans tried to build an airport on Hardangerjøkulen during World War II? You can hear more about all this on a trip with Jøklagutane.