Frisbee golf at Geilo Summer Park

Disc golf for the whole family at Geilo

The very popular summer activity frisbee golf finally came to Geilo in 2020. The course is right next to the summer park and consists of 9 holes. You can play frisbee golf for free. Frisbee golf is a fun activity for both the group of friends and the whole family!

What is frisbee golf?

Frisbee golf, also called Disc golf, is very similar to regular golf, but you use a Frisbee instead of a golf ball, and baskets instead of holes. The principles are simple, you must throw the Frisbee from A to Z, and use as few throws as possible. After the first throw, you continue to throw from where the Frisbee landed, until you throw the Frisbee into the basket. Note the number of throws, and move on to the next "course". A course usually consists of 9 or 18 "holes".

Want to rent frisbee golf?

If you don't have a frisbee, you can rent one at the reception at Vestlia Resort and in the summer park, where you can also get a scoreboard. In the summer park, you can also buy drivers, putters and midrange frisbees.

Prices for 2022: 
Rent a frisbee 50 NOK.



Close to the frisbee golf course is also the soccer golf course. You book soccer golf at the reception at Vestlia Resort.

Football golf

Football golf

A very funny, active activity for both family and groups with friends.


Geilo Summer Park

At Geilo summer park the whole family can enjoy themselves at the High Rope Course, take the summer lift up the mountain, play frisbee golf,

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