Motorsport i Dagali

Dagali is considered an eldorado for motorsport, with everything from go-cart, car slalom, and ice-track driving to Powerturn buggy, as the only place in Norway! An experience with speed, excitement, and the scent of exhaust! The different motorsport activities are offered by Dagali Opplevelser.  

For booking, please contact Dagali Opplevelser directly

 Snøscootersafari gjennom vinter landskap med snø på trær

Snowmobile (Winter)

Snowmobiling is offered both in Geilo and in Dagali. In Geilo you can participate in snowmobiling and rafting behind a snowmobile. Click here to order a snowmobile in Geilo.

In Dagali you can join a snowmobile safari. This is a nice snowmobile ride in a beautiful winter landscape. A calmer trip that is suitable for most people, including children up to the age of 4. The trail is about 40 km long, and the length of the trip is adapted to the group that is with. If you want more action, you can test strong snowmobiles on track in Dagali. If you want a snowmobile in Dagali, contact Dagali Opplevelser directly.

Is gokart


Ice Carting (Winter)

Go-carts on ice—a motorized winter activity a little out of the ordinary. The go-carts get special tires with studs, so that you can take off on the track with an ice surface and track edges of snow! Ice carting is possible as long as there is solid ice, estimated to be from January-March/April, and has a minimum age of 16 years



Ice-Track Driving (Winter)

Ice-track driving is held on the ice-covered lake at the end of the airport in Dagali. Every year, 3-5 ice tracks are made. Ice-track driving is organized for both large and small groups. Dagali Opplevelser has cars and necessary equipment available. Minimum age is 18 years with a driver’s license.


Go kart


Go-Cart (Summer + Norwegian Autumn Vacation Weeks)

Drop-in at the go-cart track the whole summer season and the Norwegian autumn vacation weeks. Dagali Opplevelser has a complete arena with 20 carts, timing equipment, and track elements. Here, it is possible to compete with lap times, or drive qualifying heats and then drive a finale. For the youngest participants, we offer children’s carts, a smaller go-cart that is adapted to those between 8-12 years. Please note that go-carting isn’t possible if it is raining. Minimum age of 8 years.



Car Slalom (Year-Round Activity)

Car slalom can be driven all year, both on snow and asphalt. You drive a slalom track of cones, and the goal is simple: get through it without tipping over any cones, with the fastest-possible time! This is a great activity for company groups, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or other groups. Minimum age is 18 years with a driver’s license for a car. 

Powerturn Buggy


 Powerturn Buggy (Year-Round Activity)

The name itself, Powerturn Buggy, may not be known for everyone. You can imagine a vehicle that looks like a large go-cart with a roll cage. Each of the rear wheels are driven by their own motor, which the driver controls with separate levers. You have neither pedals nor a steering wheel, so this challenges your mind. The buggy’s two levers have both gas and brake. This makes it possible for you to perform unbelievable stunts, like spinning in place, or going up on two wheels—willingly or unwillingly. The buggy can be driven by two people, by each controlling one lever—something that will challenge your cooperation ability!  The Powerturn buggy can reach a speed of almost 50 km/h. Due to the structure of the buggy, with skillful drivers, it can get around a track faster than a regular vehicle. This activity is perfect for team building for large or small groups. Use of the Powerturn buggies demands good cooperation between the drivers, and is a fun form of competition. The activity can be performed year-round, and has a minimum age of 14 years.

If you would like to participate in any of the above activities, for individuals or groups, please contact Dagali Opplevelser directly.