Geilo is a paradise for walking

In Hol municipality, where most of the area is nature and mountains, there is a great network of hiking trails that have existed for over several hundred years, made by traders and farmers. A large part of these have been prepared, cleared and signposted. On this page we have collected the most famous and special tours, categorized by three areas. Sustainable trips from Geilo center without the need for transport, and both national parks.

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Area: Geilo

Discover great walks starting near the center of Geilo.

Geilojordet og Ustedalsfjordenrundt passer til alle og er både en flott gåtur og sykkeltur

Ustedalsfjorden - easy round walk

Difficulty: Easy. Length: 10 km. Duration: 3 hours. Description: Enjoy an easy-going hike around Ustedalsfjorden Lake. This nature trail around...

Fra Geilo sentrum er det bare kort vei til flotte utsikter til både Hallingskarvet og sentrum av Geilo.

Urundberget round tour or Pil tour - day hike

Difficulty: Medium. Length: 13.9 / 5.7 km. Duration: 4-5 / 2 hours. Description: This tour will give you a nice view over Geilo center after...

På Geilo kan du gå i både sommersesong og høstsesong.

Skurdalsåsen round tour - day hike

Difficulty: Medium. Length: 17.6 km. Duration: 5 hours. Description: A round tour in a nice enviroment, moving in and out of the mountain...

Rundt Geilo Kulturkirke finnes det en barnevennlig tur til fiskebrua som passer alle og hele året.

Revesporet - Whole year walk - Child friendly

Difficulty: Easy. Length: 1.4 km. Duration: 30 minutes. Description: Explore a family-friendly nature trail in the center of Geilo. See some...

Fra Hakkesetstølen finnes det flere turer inn til Hardangervidda og Geilo.

Birgithovda Loop via Hakkesetstølen - day hike

Difficulty: Medium. Length: 17.9 km. Duration: 6.5 hours. Description: Take a roundtrip with sweeping views for miles of the big Hardangervidda...

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Area: Hardangervidda

On the Hardangervidda it is possible with both shorter day trips and long trips from cabin to cabin.
Some trips start from the center of Geilo, for other trips you need transport by either car or public transport.

Storekrækkja er en rundtur fra Fagerheim via Krækkja, midt på Hardangervidda

Storekrækkja Lake - day hike

Difficulty: Medium. Length: 11.8 km. Duration: 4h 30 min. Description: Loop around a Hardangervidda lake from Fagerheim. Easily explore the...

På vei til Skjerja

Tuva to Heinseter - day hike one way

Difficulty: Medium. Length: 11.7 km. Duration: 4h 30 min. Description: A fantstic first day hike on the Hardangervidda gives you a good impression...

Hotel California er et kjært turmål for barnefamilier.

Hotel California at Glitreberget - Family friendly short hike

Difficulty: Easy. Length: 6.4 km. Duration: 3h 30 min. Description: Hotel California is the name of a little cabin on top of the mountain...

Take the boat into the national park!

Area: Hallingskarvet

In Hol municipality you can get close to Hallingskarvet from both sides of the valley.
Some trips are possible from the center of Geilo, but for most you will need a car or electric bike.

Prestholtrunde starter med sherpatrappene.

Prestholt round - Difficult hike

Difficulty: Hard (medium for the experienced). Length: 6.4 km. Duration: 3h 30 min. Description: This round tour starts with the famous stairs...


Prestholtseter Loop - long dayhike

Difficulty: Difficult. Distance: 21.8 km. Duration: 9 hours. Description: Hike through a diverse landscape and discover astonishing views...

Einsetnuten gir deg flott utsikt til Strandavatnet og Hallingskarvet.


Difficulty: Medium. Length: 1.9 km. Duration: 1 hour 30 min. Description: The tour starts right after the road to Raggsteindalen mountain...


Ustaoset–Prestholt–Hesteberget Loop - long day hike

Difficulty: Medium. Length: 17 km. Duration: 5 hours. Description: See Hallingskarvet come closer for every step you take, you will feel the...

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