Stundo - Noregs einaste Bygdebistro

In the centre of the mountain village Hol, just with road 50 you will find Stundo. A bistro with a real local menu. It is so local then the dairy are the neighbours in the same building.

"Why Stundo?
We are here to create authentic, local experiences. As a guest with us, you contribute to strengthening our community. You support local farmers and help them continue producing quality ingredients. STUNDO is more than just a bistro; it's the heart of the community, a place where both local and international guests come together to share good times.

Welcome to a genuine village experience."

Here, you can see directly into the Prestholt Goat Cheese dairy. We serve coffee with cakes and waffles, as well as delicious dinners, and there is outdoor seating available on warm summer days.

Stundo also organizes concerts and lectures. Keep an eye on our Facebook page. If you wish to dine here with groups, please contact us directly. For current opening hours, check the Stundo Facebook page.

In the same building as Stundo, you'll find Hol Dairy and the local food store of Ostebygda.

"In Ostebygda, the finest cows graze on the freshest mountain grass, and happy goats frolic around in the mountains in the summer, selecting the most flavorful herbs for milk production."

Ostebygda is a collaboration between local farms where products are made from animals that have grazed on green valley slopes and high up in the mountains with rich blossoms and various herbs. Some farms have goats, others have cows. Both milk and semi-finished products are used interchangeably.

That's how we make world-class cheese!

In the center of Hol lies Hol Dairy and the local food store where, among other things, Prestholt makes their white cheeses. Here you can get information about the different cheeses and farms and taste your way to a new favorite. But the selection is larger than just cheese; there's also sour cream, butter, cured meats, and other goodies.


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