Ostebygda and Stundo - a village kitchen

Ostebygda consists of 8 local producers, 468 goats, 104 cows, 26 cheeses and is 100% local. Stundo is both a local foodstore as well as a cafe where you can sit down and relax. Located in the middle of Hol along side road 50 makes it a perfect place to stop.

"In Cheese Village, the finest cows graze on the freshest mountain grass, and happy goats frolic around in the mountains in the summer, selecting the most flavorful herbs for milk production."

Cheese recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. Each farm has its own specialties and unique taste. Some cheeses can be produced throughout the year, while others are only available in the summer.

Cheese Village is a collaboration between local farms where products are made from animals that have grazed on green valley slopes and high up in the mountains with rich blossoms and various herbs. Some farms have goats, others have cows. Both milk and semi-finished products are used interchangeably.

That's how world-class cheese is made!

Cheese Village consists of:

Ruseslåtten Ysteri
The dairy is located on the Rueslåtten farm. In the summer, you can find both people and livestock at Gurofjellstølen. It is here that the famous semi-hard red cheese Lord Garvagh cheese is made. Two of the six cheeses produced here have won bronze medals in the World Championships, and several medals in the Norwegian Farm Cheese Championship.

The mountain farm Jakobsplass is located in Skurdalen, milk from the 15 to 20 goats is used to produce prim, brown cheese, and fresh cheese in the summer. At Jakobsplass, they have a small farm shop with both cheese and handicrafts. It's a nice walk between the farms in Skurdalen, or a great bike ride around the fjords.

Up in the mountains between Holsåsen and the Bergsjø area lies Fagerdalen. Cheese production has been ongoing here since 1702, and little has changed in terms of work methods and the interior of the mountain farm. Fagerdalen has a café and sales of their own products (July and August, weekends until mid-September). From Hol, it's a great bike ride on mountain roads.

Hol Ysteri og Lokalmatutsalg
In the center of Hol lies Hol Dairy where, among other things, Prestholt makes their white cheeses. Here you can get information about the different cheeses and farms and taste your way to a new favorite. But the selection is larger than just cheese, there's also sour cream, butter, cured meats, and other goodies.
It's nice to combine with a visit to Hol Old Church or the Energy Stairs. For a bike ride, Holsfjorden round trip is recommended.
The store is open on weekends and every day during the summer season.

The Øvrejorde farm is beautifully located in Hovet, in a landscape filled with good old-fashioned country romance. Øvrejorde provides both goat milk and goat meat. If you want to visit the farm, you can inquire about possibilities by contacting them directly.

Prestholt Geitost
If you've climbed the stairs at Hallingskarvet National Park near Prestholtseter (July to October), you may have met goats; the milk is used here for the famous and award-winning Prestholt Goat Cheese. The farm belonging to Prestholt is Rudningen.

Hamarsbøen Gård
In Havsdalen lies Hamarsbøenstølen, in the summer the mountain farm is open for visits and sales of their own products. It's said that you must try their ice cream. The trip can continue by bike further into Hallingskarvet, or on foot to Urundberget. The farm is located in Kvisla.

You'll find Gurostølen in Myrland. In the summer, the mountain farm has an open sale of local food products, you're welcome to visit, take a break by the water after a hike up Gurostølfjellet, and have a chat. It's also nice to bike into Ragsteindalen.

Additionally, Hol Dairy also houses a café.

In the same building as the local food store is the café Stundo. Here you can look directly into the Prestholt Goat Cheese dairy, they serve coffee with cakes and waffles, but also tasty dinner, and there's the possibility of outdoor seating on warm summer days.
Stundo also organizes concerts and lectures. Keep an eye on their Facebook page. If you want to eat here with groups, contact them directly.
For current opening hours, check Stundo's Facebook page.

For opening hours check out the Facebook from Stundo.


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