Ostebygda and Stundo - a village kitchen

Ostebygda consists of 8 local producers, 468 goats, 104 cows, 26 cheeses and is 100% local. Stundo is both a local foodstore as well as a cafe where you can sit down and relax. Located in the middle of Hol along side road 50 makes it a perfect place to stop.

In Cheese Village, only the finest cows graze on the fantastically-fresh mountain grass; and happy goats play in the mountain wilds during the summer, while choosing only the most well-tasting herbs for milk production.
That’s how one gets world-class cheese!

Ostebygda consist of:

Ruseslåtten Ysteri
Hol Ysteri og Lokalmatutsalg
Prestholt Geitost
Hamarsbøen Gård

Stundo is both the local foodstore where you can buy the local cheese and much more directly from the farmers. In the same building there is a nice cafe, where you can sit down and order cafe with cookies or cake, or a famous Norwegian waffle with brown cheese.
While you are enjoying the food, you can look straight into the cheese factory from Prestholt Geitost. Did you walk on the Prestholt stairs (from July to October) and met the goats? This is their milk and their cheese.

For opening hours check out the Facebook from Stundo.


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