National scenic routs Hardangervidda and Vøringsfossen waterfall

From the center of Geilo it is just over an hour to Vøringsfossen. The trip takes you first along two high mountain villages Ustaoset and Haugastøl, then the roadclimbs up to Northern Europe's largest high mountain plateau. You drive along Halne Fjellstove with its long and rich history of reindeer hunting, and along Dyranut. From here the road goes slowly and surely down again to Vøringsfossen.

Halne Fjellstove and Halnekongen
Halfway between Geilo and Vøringsfossen you find Halne Fjellstove. A perfect place to take a break and stretch your legs. Take a short trip up to Halnekollen, and get an incredible view of the Hardangervidda and Hallingskarvet, with clear weather you willl also be able to see Hardangerjøkulen. The walk is just under 3km and is done between an hour to an hour and a half. More information and tour descriptions can be found at

Halne Fjellstove is open seasonally with a café and accommodation.

Vøringsfossen is perhaps the most famous waterfall in the country. Here, large amounts of water plunge 182 meters from the Hardangervidde plateau into Måbødalen. The waterfall and the dramatic transition between fjord and plateau makes impression.

Partly wheelchair accessible.
The parking and toilet at Vøringsfossen is closed for the winter from November to the beginning of April.

Bridge over the waterfall
In the summer of 2020, a spectacular footbridge was finally opened. Standing 50 meters above the valley where Vøringsfossen flows down from the plateau towards the fjord. There are several viewpoints, and you can take a short walk around.

Trip to the foot of Vøringsfossen
If you want to see Vøringsfossen from the bottom of Måbødalen, you can park by Fossatromma and follow the old road down to the old, marked path from 1872 that leads into the foot of the waterfall. The waterfall can be loud, especially when the water flow is large and drizzle from the waterfall can make the whole thing a fresh experience. From the main road it takes half an hour up to an hour to walk into the waterfall, the total trip is 3km. The first part of the trail can be experienced as steep. Along the way, you come along an old car wreck. See detailed tour description at