Geilo husky hardangervidda

Geilo Husky

Run by: Ivar Johan Sørli and Sissel Wolf Mølmen.
Season: Mainly winter and spring, but also offers courses and autumn driving.
Main activities: Dog sledding
Possibility of tailor-made group program: Yes
Main base: Bakkestølvegen 56 (December-March) 
Contact information: [email protected] / +47 905 98 252.

About this activity provider

Geilo Husky is passionate about showing the "real dog sledding". All dog riders are competitive riders next to the job in Geilo Husky. In this way, they are ensured that the dogs and their needs always come first. The dogs are part of the family and are well taken care of with the best care and the best food.
You as a guest get to experience the passion and get to take part in the knowledge of the dog handlers - and of course drive the sled yourself as a real dog handler.

Geilo Husky offers tours for individual, but also tailor-made arrangements for groups. Family-friendly walks of 5- and 10km with dog sledding and bonfires on the Ustedalsfjord normally from December-March, before the dogs move higher up in the mountains where you can participate in slightly longer walks and a real spring atmosphere from March / April-May. Geilo Husky also offers half- and full-day trips, courses and autumn driving.


Husky meet and greet
14 Jun - 31 Aug

Husky meet and greet

Visit Geilo Huskys kennel and meet real longdistance huskies, middistance hounds and playful puppies