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Geilo is working towards to be a more sustainable destination and we are concerned with looking after nature, the environment, cultural heritage, the local population and guests. Feedback from our guests helps us in our work to make Geilo an even better place to visit, so we ask you all to share the survey with your guests and encourage them to answer it!


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A Sustainable Destination

This is a quality mark for destinations in Norway. The brand is based on a standard that sets clear requirements for the destination's ability to sustainably operate and develop.

The branding scheme is an offer to Norwegian destinations that want to take responsibility for the negative impact of tourism on the environment. The designation assumes that the destination takes care of nature, culture and the environment, strengthens social values, and is economically viable.

If you choose to travel to a sustainable destination, you help to preserve our historical and cultural heritage while supporting local communities, traditions, nature and the environment. You are warmly welcomed by the local hosts, who also serve you local food that is harvested, produced and prepared in the local area.

However, the brand does not mean that a destination is 100 percent sustainable in all areas, but that they are in a long-term process. The destinations are evaluated every three years.


A Sustainable Destination

As one of the first destinations in Norway, Geilo received its designation for being a Sustainable Travel Destination in March 2016. Read

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