Fireplass and shelter Geilohallen

The camp fire place and shelter is located next to lake (Ustedalsfjorden).

The shelter is located next to Ustedalsfjorden, a short distance from the parking lot at Geilohallen. From the parking area, you pass the shooting range on the left side, and the trail/road descends slightly towards the water, where you can already see the shelter.

During winter, you need to use skis or snowshoes to reach the shelter. It's a lot of fun to sled down from the hill. In the summer, there is an asphalt road almost all the way to the shelter, with the last stretch lacking a path.

Remember the "allemannsretten" (the right to roam) when using the shelter. Clean up after use and take all garbage with you. Bring your own firewood and a bag for ashes. The area is popular among families with children.

From April 15 to September 15, there is a prohibition on open fires in forests and fields.