Fishing in Geilo

Fishing is an important part of Norwegian outdoor culture and an activity suitable for everyone, regardless of level.

Geilo offers high-quality fishing opportunities, all year round, whether you want to fish on your own, with a guide or want a tailor-made experience. Geilo is located in the municipality of Hol and here there are plenty of fishing opportunities, everything from small idyllic ponds to large open high mountain lakes and varied stretches of river.

Trout is the dominant species, but you can also find good char waters. Other species also occur. The size you can expect is between 100-1500 grams; but every year, some fish up to 3 kg are caught.

Fishing experiences for the whole family

Fish Gourmet
05 Dec - 30 Sep

Fish Gourmet

Fishing experience with local food. Suitable for everyone, especially the food-lover! 

Tips for Those Who Want to Fish in Geilo this Summer

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Fishing at Haugastøl

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Fishing waters in Geilo

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Buy a Fishing License

Remember to always buy a fishing license and get to know the regulations for the area that you want to fish. Fishing for children and youths under 16 years is free.


When you buy a fishing license, you ensure good management; so that a good fishing offer can be maintained for big and small.

You can buy a fishing office here: Geilo Tourist Information, sports stores, Hakkesetstølen, Haugastøl Tourist Center, Hermon Høyfjellssenter, Ustaoset gas station and kiosk, Knut’s Hyttegrend, Øen Tourist Center, Skjerja and Tuva Tourist Cabin. Alternatively, you can also find fishing licenses via your mobile at or

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Geilo Hunting and Fishing Association

A good starting point for fishing is the areas belonging to the Geilo Hunting and Fishing Association.

Here you will find a varied selection of rivers, lakes, and waters suited for all skill levels in fantastic nature. The areas consist of the Ustedalsvassdraget watercourse, that runs centrally through Geilo, and is easily accessible from the whole center of Geilo. If you are at Kikut, you can bike westward to Grødalen. Here you will find several good waters; for example, the large Hakkesettjørne and Grøndalstjørnan.

If you take the trip to the Hallingskarvet Ski Center, you will find Halletjønn. This is an excellent mountain water with a fantastic view of the Hallingskarvet mountains. At Haugastøl, there are several alternatives. Here there are a large selevtion of waters with a good variation and a good population of trout. If you use the Tuva Tourist Cabin as a starting point, after around a 1-hour hike, you will find Skjerja. A well-known, but rather erratic water that has fish of a very high quality and a high weight average. Here you will also find the possibility of accommodation and boat rental.  

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Hol Hunting and Fishing Association

The vast majority of the waters that this association disposes are located within the Hallingskarvet National Park.

In magnificent nature, you can frolic in crystal clear mountain waters with fish of the highest quality and beautiful red colour. The areas stretch from Ynglesdalen to Kyrkjedørsvatna.

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The 10 Fishing Knowledge Regulations

1. Think safety in everything that you do as a sport fisher.
2. Treat the fish with respect.
3. Show moderation.
4. Remember trackless traffic.
5. Be considerate of other nature users.
6. Learn First Aid.
7. Get home safely.
8. Be proud of being a fisherman.
9. Always buy a fishing license. 
10. Familiarize yourself with the regulations.

Ridning med utsikt til Hallingskarvet

Tourism has many positive aspects, but also presents challenges.

Do you want to travel to a unique place that ensures that your environmental footprint is as minimal as possible, and that you get the most authentic experience possible? Then you should travel to Geilo!

Since 2016, together with several travel destinations, Geilo has put sustainability on the map and takes responsibility for ensuring that both those who live there, and all visitors have an extra good time. Being a sustainable travel destination means, among other things, that we take care of biological diversity, support the conservation of local natural areas, wildlife and habitats and minimize their destruction. Another requirement is to minimize tourism companies' and tourists' pollution of the air, water and land (including noise), as well as to minimize their generation of waste and consumption of scarce and non-renewable resources. We also need your help. Whether you go on a short or long trip, whether you are alone or with your family, whether you want to fish or take a great nature picture, it doesn't matter. Please take the waste you generate back with you. In some car parks, along main roads and in residential areas you will find opportunities to leave rubbish in waste containers. What you manage to take on the trip, you can also take back home, and if everyone does, we will keep the surroundings beautiful and nice for the next visitor.

Thank you for your contribution!

If you want tips on how you can avoid as much waste as possible on your trip, feel free to read this article with  "Seven tips for trackless traffic while hiking" on the website of Norsk Friluftsliv.


Maps and areas of Geilo

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