Teens Green Havsdalen 11-15 years

For the children who can take the lift, brake and turn in the easy slopes (green)


Durance: 80 min from Monday to Friday

No. of participants: Minimum 3 participants

Please bring: Skipass og ski equipment (not included) and clothes/goggles etc. according to the weather

Meeting place: Outsiden the ski rental in Havsdalen

Contact information: SkiGeilo +47 32090000 or [email protected]


Ski school is for the children based on fun, joy and getting used to having skis on. Through playing and fun we are aiming to give the children a positive view on skiing.


Together with a ski instructor the children will learn how to take the ski lift in a safe way, and develop their technique so they can ski down the best way possible. The children will also teach the most important rules at the slopes.


If only 1 participant the course is changed to private lessons on Monday and Tuesday, when only 2 participants it runs from Monday to Wednesday.

Important: The child manages to be away from mom and dad during class.

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