Snowkite at Dagali

Geilo and Hardangervidda are real snowkite paradise. Dagali Fjellpark is based in Dagali and offers diffrent kind of snowkite courses in Hardangervidda.

The Snowkite Hardangervidda Season 2022 - January 8 - April 23
Snowkiting at Hardangervidda - Professional lessons for your best personal improvement
Learn the safe snowkiting at the best place in Norway
Feel like a stratospheric storm!
• For everybody from 35 kg
• Private snowkiting lessons
• Group snowkiting lessons – Limited capacity - Maximum 4 snowkiters per 1 instructor
Train only under really good conditions
We guarantee: No good wind? You get a new date.
Using the top equipment:
- Latest models of equipment
- Voice controlled intercom
Jan Simek, leader of the snowkiting team UpWind at Dagali Fjellpark - The long distance kiting VAKE 2019 world champion (2019), the winner of 7. place on Red Bull Ragnarok (ski, 2017).


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