Rennedalen - swimming area

The whole river from Ustevatnet down to Tufte in Geilo has nice places to have fun in the water. The easies place to com to the river is from Ustaoset and Rennedalen area.

In the area from Verpestølen, along the Ustevatn lake, there are several nice places to swim. During the summer, it is also possible to rent a private sauna on wheels, that is placed along the Verpestølsvegen road.

In the river, between the Ustevatn andg Ustedalsfjorden lakes, there are many nice river pools and swimming areas. A fun, hidden gem with a diving board is located along the Rennedalsvegen road. (RV7 highway, drive in on the Biskoloavegen road, over the train tracks and past the water to the left).

Do you want to swim here? Think about your own safety and check the water depth before you jump in. The water flow in the river course varies throughout the season due to snow melting, and as large amounts of water can be released without warning from the waters further up the valley.


  • Street address 1 Bisk-olavegen
    3593 Ustaoset