Rappel - Abseilen

Rappelling is both a great nature experience, and a huge challenge at the same time.

The rock wall we rappel in is approx. 40 meters high, which corresponds to approx. 16 floors and the view is the best in Dagali!

We have several options; sva, vertical rock wall, and overhang. Our experienced guides will help you get started safely, but you will have to rappel down yourself. You are all alone in the wall, only it is a challenge for most people. The feeling of mastery when you make it happen is fantastic.

Rappelling is safe, you can not fall down even if you try, but it is not always so easy to believe.
Dress for the weather, and bring shoes with good grip.
We stand for helmet and harness.

The activity takes approx. 3 hours, depending on the size of the group. Minimum four people.


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