Rallarmuseet Finse

The Rallar Museum is a museum showing pictures and exhibits from the building of the Bergen Railway from 1894-1909. It is located in the eastern locomotive-garage at Finse.

Rallarmuseet is located in Østre Lokstall/Eastern hangar on Finse. Here you can see photos and an exhibition about the history of the construction of the railway from 1894-1909.

The museum is open in the summer from the beginning of July until the middle of September. Entrance 40, - pp.

In the guard house on Fagernut 10km west of Finse there is a cafe with waffles, ''navvies soup'', coffee, mineral water etc. (closed in winter).

The following text is taken from www.rallarmuseet.no
The museum's exhibition "Norway's future breakthrough" shows the construction of the Bergen line in 1871 until its opening in 1909. In the exhibition you can see old photographs and films from the operation of the line and from tourist life and you can listen to songs about construction and barracks life. In the exhibition you will find an authentic smithy and construction barracks. The exhibition "The fight against the snow" shows historical snow removal material and tells how the high mountain stretch was kept open throughout the winter.

The museum opened in 1990 and in 2009 opened new exhibitions.


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