Paintball - from 8 persons

Action and fun!


Group size: Suitable for groups from 8 persons. Please contact Serious Fun directly if you are more that 15 pax.

Price: From Nok 400,-. Including 200 balls, masks and overalls. You have the option of buying more paintballs.

Place: Serious FUN, Dagali

Season: May - October

Duaration: Ca 1 hour. Depending on the group size

Suitable for: All groups. Age: 15 years+ with guardian's consent. 

Contact information: [email protected] or 40005786

Paintball is a tactical and physical game and a great way to challenge colleagues, friends and family members.

The paintball game is carried out at the forest arena in Dagali: Hide behind natural obstacles like bushes and trees and work together to beat the opponent team.

There are many game variations and the type of games are chosen based on the group's wishes and size. 

Combine paintball with teambuilding for a longer and even more exciting game = Teamball