Old fashion farmes day at Langedrag

Travel back in time, join the farm day and experience the hard life as it was in the old days.

Join to go with the goat herd and the hoofed horse to the saddle. Well up on the setra / farm, you will get to make charcoal pins - what you drew with in the past. You make juniper lids, milk cakes and homemade cheese - how does it taste? Inside the farm, people gather to tell stories about farm life in the past. Otherwise you can play in the stream, nail, cuddle with goats and horses and play around in the beautiful area.

The trip up goes through an old manor landscape with four manors that have been used since 1725 and until the middle of the 20th century. From the yard at Langedrag it is 1.5 km to walk. If you need to roll a pram or for special reasons have to drive up, there is a gravel road all the way up to our farm. Use of car must be agreed with us.

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