Lift-based bike package at Geilo Summer Park

Get 10% off a 2-day bike lift pass + 10 % off selected 2-night accommodation offers – whether hotel, apartment, or cabin

Price from: 1479 NOK /Per Person

Bring the whole family on a cycling holiday to Geilo with our lift-based bike package!

The package includes:

- 2 nights accommodation in either a hotel, cabin, or apartment

- Breakfast if staying at the hotel, self-catering in the cabin or apartment

- 10% off a 2-day lift pass including smart card, with space for a bike

Here, you can test one of Norway's coolest flow trails, Flow Motion! In Flow Motion, as a "lightly skilled" mountain biker, you can take your bike up the lift and feel mastery with cool 180-degree turns, jumps, side hits, and other elements. In addition to Flow Motion, you have access to 2 other flow trails; Anaconda and Gold Digger, 2 red trails for the more experienced downhill/trail cyclists.

The family can also enjoy themselves in the pump track, smaller flow trails, and jump lines in the area around Vestlia Resort and along Ustedalsfjorden. A variety of family-friendly trails suitable for both big and small.

If you wish to rent a bike, Geilo Summer Park has Geilo's largest bike rental. Here, they have bikes in all different sizes and varieties. We recommend renting a bike well in advance due to high demand.

In Geilo, we also offer mountain and trail biking courses, guided tours, and you can even rent your own PT instructor to improve your biking skills. Read more at

Price is obtained for accommodation at Øen turistsenter, 2 adult + 1 child, 25-27th July.

Price Explanation: Our packages show the discount you receive at various accommodations. The included activity is already discounted and, therefore, does not appear in the red prices after you've selected a date.