Lavvo Camp - Dagali Fjellpark

The wilderness camp is located behind the Dagali Fjellpark building in the forest.

At Dagali Fjellpark you can spend the night in a lavvo camp, which consists of 4 lavvos.

Two Standard lavvos:
Two lavvos are classic and the capacity is 6 beds. Included in the price you get mattresses with clean blankets. Four beds are on the first floor, two beds are on the second floor. Bring your own sleeping bag.

Two Cosy Lavvos
We call the last two lavvos cozy, because they are very nice. They are for 4 people, the price includes 4 made beds with duvets, pillows, linen and towels.

About the lavvo camp at Dagali Fjellpark:
The 21st century has also arrived to our lavvo camp, they don't miss electricity and light. You can use the outdoor charcoal grill, a common room (there is a large "public" lavvo with fireplace as part of the lavvo camp), hot tub and sauna.


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