HTR Elektro AS

HTR-Elektro AS is a Electro company located in Geilo and Dagali. HTR-Elektro focuses on delivering quality products and providing good service.

At HTR-Elektro works professionals with good competence and versatile experience in the electrical industry. HTR-Elektro AS was established in 1998, and has offices and warehouses in Dagali and Geilo. Delivering quality products and providing good service is important for the HTR-Elektro. They provides service to private people and companies.

They can offer electrical services in: Cabin and residential installations, installations in private and commercial buildings, PLC systems, EIB systems, cable network telecommunications / data, alarm systems, power plant reports, internal control, troubleshooting and repairs of electrical installations and equipment and automation system, and much more. See the website of the company for more information.


Product attributes