Hallingdal Kraftnett

The main task of Hallingdal Kraftnett is to transport electricity from your supplier until you the customer.

Hallingdal Kraftnett develops, operates and maintains a power grid covering about 1/3 of Buskerud County (over 5,000 km2). The concession area extends over 150 km from Krøderen in the south - to Finse west. The staff are on standby around the clock to ensure a safe and stable supply. Hallingdal Kraft Nett AS was established as a separate company in 1995, and is wholly owned by the municipalities in Hallingdal. Today HKN than 70 employees. Headquartered in Hol Municipality, where both office and fitter department is located in Geilo. There are also branches in Ål, Gol and Nesbyen. Gol is in addition to installers also an expanded technical staff. DLE (The Local safety surveillance) is part of the business and is located on Torpomoen.


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