Group Activity "Friske Fraspark" - Winter

Group Activity at Brusletto Farm

The winter activities you can choose from at Brusletto Farm.

1. Snowmobiling on time
The Geilo Activity Center has its own snowmobile trail on the farm, here you have the opportunity to
test the wildlife of the beast.
2. Snowmobile Rafting
Here are good opportunities to get the adrenaline pump going. There is a large tractor tire attached to
the snowmobile and our experienced drivers will raft you around in a set track. Here, we only use
experienced employees with a high level of expertise in snowmobile operation, so the safety of the
customer is always at the forefront.
3. Gymkhana on snowblades
The farmer has made a riding track to relay. Here are the exercises that focus on the team and will
solve the obstacles they encounter along the way.
4. The king
Everyone remembers the king on the mound from the schoolyard. At Brusletto farm we have our own
bunch of many obstacles lying around.
5. Tobogganing as a local
“Hallinger” has always been self-sufficient and sledding is no exception. In order for you to try the
farm's own toboggan run, you must throw horseshoes and hit the milk bucket.
6. Tent exercise
Here we use the heated gamut to check the team's cooperative skills. Some team members get
blindfolded while the rest of the team has the instruction manual. How difficult can it be?
7. Chair building
We carry out the activity in our heated range and often in a competitive context. Here you get a
drawing, 16 birch sticks and a long rope. The chair must be built and tested.
8. Cube nailing
Meet our special hammer. Precision in battle is key when nailing at Geilo Activity Center.
9. “Wife carrying” on snowblades
Here you will experience how the farmer has carried around his wife all year. How this is done first
comes to light when the activity starts.
10. Chef's Camp
Here you will test your cooking skills. The team gets a small bag of ingredients and within 15 minutes
has cooked a dish that impresses Geilos famous chef - Frode Aga itself.
11. Windshield casting
Here both men and women are tested for their strength. The milk bucket should be thrown, but how
far will you throw it?
12. Shooting on flashes
The hunt is over, but in the yard we have both rifles and flashes. Here you have the opportunity to
show your hunter instincts.


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