Geilo Kino

Geilo cinema currently has 139 high-quality seats, where you can lay your back, and the back row consists of "love seats"/2-seater sofas. Geilo Kino has digital image and sound, with fantastic 7.1 surround and guarantees you a unique cinema experience!

Geilo Kino has a kiosk with a simple selection and good prices.

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The first regular film screenings in Geilo started on 10 September 1939 in Fjellvang. Samhald youth team was responsible for the operation. The municipal council had then given permission for 25 screenings a year. The audience then sat on a long wooden bench.

The cinema was also in operation during World War II, despite some interference from the German local commander. The cinema was well attended, and was for a long time a good source of income for the Samhald youth group.

In 1949, Fjellvang was refurbished and the public was allowed to sit on loose chairs with a shaped wooden seat. The youth team ran the cinema until 1962. Then the new Geilo community center was ready and the municipality took over the operation.

Until 1981, the municipality had a film selection that selected films to be shown.

From 1981, Geilo Kino got its first cinema director. This was Olav Teigen. He was given sole responsibility for filming from 1988. Wednesdays and Sundays were regular cinema days and at most Geilo Kino had 24,000 visitors in a year. During these periods, Geilo Kino was by far the largest cinema in Hallingdal.

In the late 80's, video came on the market and Geilo Kino experienced a dramatic decline in visits. In 1992, it was decided to build a mobile amphitheater in the hall, and this helped to pull the visit up again for a while.

In 1996, the visit was down to only 3,000 paying spectators and the deficit increased. The following year, Olav Teigen resigned as cinema director and Knut Erik Hallingstad took over. He got the visit up, but the deficit increased.

At the same time as many small cinemas in Norway closed down, Geilo Kino continued to live. The visit gradually stabilized at around 5,000 visitors a year. In 2009, investments were made in new digital equipment. In November 2019, the cinema opened with a completely new amphitheater and screen, and thus becomes one of the best small cinemas in the country.