Gapahuk Langedrag

Sleep right next to the lynx! In the "gapahuk" there is room for 3 hammocks in addition to benches around the fireplace. From the "gapahuk" to the main house there is only 350 meters, where you have access to toilets the whole day and bathroom from 07:00-22:00.

Gapahuk is a norwegian way of staying outdoor with roof over your head. The Gapahuk is open in one end and you make a fire "inside". Be prepared of a night with tempratures like outside. The Gapahuk is about 350 m from the main building (where you find toilets). Reindeer and moose skins are available on deep wooden benches inside.There are also room for three hammocks Toilets in main building will be open 24/7, bathrooms are open from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm. Dinner and storytelling will be in main building.