Fireplass and shelter Høgehaug

Large and nice shelter at the top of Høgehaug in Hol.

Feel free to use the shelter on the Høgehaug mountaintop at 615 meter. Here you will find a campfire and get a great view of the Holsfjorden lake after you have taken the Energy stairs with 420 steps. An alternative is to walk the path trough the forest or cycle up from Kongshaugen.

In the surrounding forest it is warm and nice and it is possible to hang up a hammock for an overnight stay.

It is Hol Idrettslag that supervises, this is volunteer-based, remember to bring your own rubbish and be sure that the campfire is tidy and cold before you come back down.

On your way to this lovely place you will pass the Kiwi Supermarket in Hagafoss to do the last shopping for a happy pick nick, in Hol centre you will find both a old Stavchuch and a local chees shop from Ostebygda with cafe Stundo.

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