Fekjo's Friends

Support maintenance and development of Viking graves and culture park.

Prices from: 100 NOK
Fekjo Viking burial ground and Kulturminneparken have fallen into mad shape during the last couple of years. Fekjo's Friends (from 2019) has set a goal to update and maintain the area.
We clean up and upgrade benches and tables, we also plan new signs and information boards. One goal is to get Hol Municipality and Viken County involved. The area is important for both tourists but also the locals and everyone else who uses Ustedalsfjorden Rundt.

Voluntary work
Fundraising for the development of the area
Support municipality and county with implementation and management plan

If you want to become a member of Fekjo's Friends or if you want more information, be actively involved send an email to [email protected]

For more information, please contact Chairman of the Board Arnt Tragethon.