Fekjo Cultural Heritage Site

In Fekjo cultural heritage park there are many cultural relics from the prehistoric and historic times. The burial mounds in the area is from the Viking Age.

We know this because 10 of the approximately 20 burial mounds were investigated in 1923. Items that were found in some of the mounds were all from 900s, ie Viking. Among the findings was a small ax blade of iron, a sewing needle and key to a casket. It is interesting that most of the investigated barrows were female graves.

The hiking trail of Ustedalsfjorden Round is going through this area, so it is easy accessible by foot.

Coal pits
Within the Cultural Heritage Park was registered 7 coal pits and ironworks. Today there are only a few coal pits left and the ironworks plant is gone. The charcoal which was made in the pits, were either used in iron production or in the smithy on the farm. Throughout Ustedalen there has been an unusually high activity in iron production from both Viking and medieval times. The many coal pits and ironworks plants show that it was made more iron than was needed locally. Iron was probably an important commodity for people in Ustedalen in Iron Age and Middle Ages.

At Fekjo there is an old hay barn and a barn. Until approx 80 years ago it was a mountain farm here. After mowing, hay was stored in the barn before it was driven to the farm with horse and sleigh in winter conditions. An old stone fence in the park is probably a distinction between hayfields and pastures.

Switched operation and grazing on Fekjo made an open landscape. After stiff operation ended, overgrown area gradually more and more again and another vegitasjonstype took over. In the heritage park one is seeking to lead the area back to the old culture landscape by cutting the grass and by letting sheep graze in the park in spring and autumn.

In Fekjo cultural heritage park you can also experience exciting landscape art.

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