Fatbike Medium

Giant Yukon Fatbike M - Pick up at Vestlia Resort


Start: Fatbike and helmet can be picked up at Vestlia Resort from 8am. 

Duration: Full day from 8.00 to midnight. On Wednesdays bikes must be delivered back before 5pm.

Please note: bike rental for the Fat Viking event 27th of January is Friday to Sunday. If you book the 27th of January you are paying for three days.

Agelimit: Youths and adults. Must be over 145 cm. 

Price includes: Rental of bike and helmet. Pogies and bike light on request. Please add a note when booking.

Pick-up point: The garage in Vestlia Resort (down the stairs by the reception and past the bowling alley). You will receive the code for the bike-lock via email or WhatsApp. If you haven't received it, please contact Geilo Aktiv (preferably on WhatsApp)

Website: www.geilo-aktiv.com

Contact information: [email protected] or Tel. +47 99349341

Geilo Aktiv rents out 10 fatbikes – GIANT YUKON in sixe S-XL.

Recommended size

S: 152 -172 cm,

M: 171-180 cm, 

L: 179-188 cm, 

XL: 187-198 cm. 

Fatbike tracks and rules

You can ride fatbike on the cc-skiing tracks, but please read and agree to the FATiquette trail manner rules.

We are passionate about fatbike cycling around Geilo. It is therefore important to pay attention to skiers/ other trail users and changing trail conditions.

It's not rocket science: soft trails, soft tires (reduce tire pressure - let out air).

If the trails/ tracks are too soft then ride somewhere else.

Information regarding Fatbike-tracks:

Please note that not all trails exist or are in good shape after snowfall or strong winds. 


All fatbike cycling is at your own risk.

Fatbiking is an outdoor activity with varying weather and surface conditions. The activity demands good health and a minimum of coordination skills. Participants need to assure that their health is appropriate.

Geilo-Aktiv cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to people or property, including personal clothing and belongings.

Please check with your travel insurance whether they cover activities like fatbiking.

In case of hiring equipment, the hirer is at all times personally liable for any accident that they may cause or damage to people and/or property, including personal clothing and belongings.You must accept full responsibility for the equipment and understand there will be a charge for theft, loss or damage to the equipment.

Fatbike during the summer?

Our fatbikes are very suitable for summer-riding too!

They roll as nicely as a normal Mountain Bike and they have a playful geometri.

Why is it more expensive to rent a fatbike during the summer? - simply because these are expensive bikes that require more maintenance during the summer.

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