Extra room in your cabin

Do you need an extra room in your cabin and need no service? Only available to cabin guests.

We are noticing that many of our cabin guests are in need of additional rooms in their cabins during vacations. Usually, they only need a room to sleep in and not any additional services and would, hence, like to have a cheaper option for exactly this. 
We are, therefore, testing a new concept: "extra room in your cabin" - a service free option.
- Can only be booked by our cabin guests
- Minimum 3 nights
- You cannot choose which room you want. You will be allocated based on availability.
- Service free: no breakfast, no housekeeping, payment up front, self check-in/out, cannot put any restaurant/bar bills on your room.
Included in the room:
- The room with bathroom
- One set of sheets and towels
- Soaps, shampoos, toilet paper

Product attributes