EL-car charcing Solstadsvegen

Private charging place for the guests of the Geilolia Hyttetun cabins, contact Geilolia to hear about the capacity for charging.

Geilo South - Solstadvegen 2, Geilolia Hyttetun
4 charging points (Type 2) – You need your own charging cable!

During the summer, charging can be combined with a few hours at the Geilo Summer Park, or take the lift up the mountain for a short walk with a view.
Walking tour around Veslefjorden is about 5km, and is a good hour, the tour around both lakes Ustedalsfjorden round is 10km and will take about 2,5 hours.
At the north side of the Vestlia Resort is the Vestlia Bike Park situated, with pump track, jump lines and technic trails. Vestlia Resort is open for coffee and lunch.


  • Street address 1 Solstadvegen 2
    3580 Geilo