Day visit to Hardangerfjord

It is only a two hour drive to Hardangerfjord with great experiences and sights. The trip over the Hardangervidda is impressive in itself, with magnificent views of the national park as far as the eye can see. An opportunities for many great short trips to small peaks and lovely lakes.

At Eidfjord you can experience early spring while there is still snow in Geilo, and warm, bright summer evenings. We briefly inform about the best highlights in Hardangerfjord. A visit to Eidfjord is a great break from your holiday in the mountains and give a completely different nature experience.

Vøringsfossen and Måbødalen Cultural Landscape Museum
Please stop at Vøringsfossen or Måbødalen Cultural Landscape Museum on the way from Geilo to Eidfjord. You will experience a big difference already in the plant species and the temperature. Måbødalen Cultural Landscape Museum manages the cultural-historical environment in Måbødalen and shows traces of the human activities in the valley with, among other things, old houses, stone fences, clearing piles and hay eggs. See separate article about Vøringsfossen.

Norwegian Nature Center
From May to October, the Norwegian Nature Center Hardanger is open. The Norwegian Nature Center is an activity and experience center with a focus on Norwegian nature, climate and the environment. Here you will find three floors of exhibitions, dioramas, interactive stations and much much more. Worth mentioning is the spectacular panoramic film '' Fjord Fjell Foss ''. You will probably learn something new, and see new things on the way back to Geilo and on your next trip in the mountains.

Kjeåsen mountain farm
At 600 meters above the fjord lays Kjeåsen mountain farm. You can either drive through a tunnel (with one way hourly driving, because of the steep small road) made by power company in Sima or walk over the spectacular hiking trail that was used until 1974. The length of the trip is only 2km but you have to count on three hours of time. The tour is available from May to October. Be aware the trail is steep and airy in some parts, in the most exposed places it is arranged with ropes, sticks and ladders. When you choose to walk up, you also need to walk down. There is no other way to come down then using this trail.
Now that you are up, you get a great view of the Hardangerfjord, and it is unbelievable that people have built farms here. It took them 30 years to build a farm. It was probably due to the many resources for hunting, trapping and fishing along with a nutritious soil on the farm. Show consideration for residents of Kjeåsen.

Water activities
Of course there is a wide variety of all kinds of possible water activities. Everything from rafting to fjord kayaking and seaplane sightseeing and Fjord safaris. More information and ordering of these activities can be found on the Hardangerfjord website.