Danebu Kongsgaard

Danebu Kongsgaard is a boutique hotel situated in the middle of Valdres's beautiful mountain landscape with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A place where you can enjoy a beautiful scenery and delicious dining experiences from local produce. Nature shapes a beautiful setting around your stay with wonderful soft hiking opportunities right outside the door. Danebu is a place where you can relax and recharge.

A perfect place to relax and recharge
There is a calmness in the mountains that you rarely experience in the city. At Danebu Kongsgaard there is a calmness and atmosphere you rarely experience at any other mountain hotel. The mountains in Valdres do not just offer beautiful sceneries, they also impact your wellbeing. The silence, the clean air, the colours enable you to think deep thoughts, have good conversations and read thick books. Take a hike to Fjellenden, go fishing at Damtjeren, or maybe just relax in the lounge with one of our locally brewed beers. In the kitchen, our chefs prepare our local specialities with the taste of the nature that surrounds you. A dining experience you will want to return for. Danebu is a place to relax and a place to recharge. By the time the sun sets you have already become completely relaxed. Do not be surprised if you wake up as a new person.
Welcome to the mountain gem, Danebu Kongsgaard.


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