Dagali Opplevelser - Premium Rafting

The premium rafting tur with Dagali Opplevelser is one of the most popular ones, and suits most people and families.

This is our most popular rafting trip and it is suitable for anyone who wants an action-packed trip down Numedalslågen. Numedalslågen has been named Northern Europe's most technical commercial rafting river. Depending on the water level, we start high or medium high up in the Dagali Falls, and pass rapids and waves on the way down. If the water level is right, we can stop and jump from rocks, or surf in rollers.

Numedalslågen changes a lot at different water levels, which means that a rafting trip in the spring can be completely different than a trip in the autumn.
During floods we have big waves and lots of water! And throughout the season when the water level drops, we can start further up the river and raft the big rapids.

The lower age limit is 15 years (12 years with a parent's signature), our oldest participant so far was 84 years old. We guarantee that you will get wet with a smile!


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