Bike trail in Dagali

In the mountain village of Dagali, there is an hand build cycle path in the slopes of the alpine center. The cycle path is built as a single track and suitable for mountain biking. Difficulty level is blue, it suits for people with little experienced and those who have good experience. Like most builded cycle paths, trees, roots and stones have been removed to provide more flow and speed on the trail. A number of turns have been made to challenge you, but at the same time to keep an overview, a longer and more fun trail and the speed low.

Welcome Dagali Fjellpark, during summer Dagali Fjellpark offers spectacular water activities such as rafting and canyoning. Now they have built a bike path, which you can find several of throughout Hallingdal. In winter, Dagali Fjellpark is an alpine center with family-friendly slopes, Norway's longest toboggan run and snow kite offerings.

Park at Dagali Fjellpark, in season you can buy something to drink and eat in the cafe. For the tough ones, you can cycle up the lift trace and get a good warm-up. If you would rather start a little softer, choose the gravel road Perstulvegen a little down, and then turn up to your right onto the gravel road Hallandslie.

The path starts at 978 masl, and crosses two alpine slopes, at the height of lift post no. 5, it turns into the forest and turns further down in the forest. At lift post no. 8, you return to the ski resort and bike back down to Dagali Fjellpark ski center.
The trail has 1km length and 95m height difference. The surface is varied with both laid gravel, elements and small jumps, and most of it has a natural surface. The season lasts from June to October. The trail is free to use and in the future Dagali Fjellpark hopes to be able to offer a bicycle lift.

It is recommended to use bikes with (fully) suspension, wide tires, of course good breaks and bicycle helmet with googles or sunglasses. No rental available in Dagali, but SkiGeilo has a wide range of bikes to rent in Vestlia in Geilo. From here it is half an hour by car.

Follow the development and enjoy yourself in the meantime.


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