Arctic Dome

Arctic Dome, glamping, tent, double bed. Shared washing facilities and toilets in separate buildings.

In the Arctic Dome, you can sleep comfortably in a double bed while looking up on the stars. If you are lucky you can also see the northern lights. The Dome is situatet close to the main building at Tuva Turisthytte. In the main building you can find the sitting room and dining room.
All lighting in the Arctic Dome is run on solar powered or chargeable lights. Heating by wood in fireplace. Bringing your own slippers to wear inside and wool underwear to sleep in is recommended in case of cold weather. Pleas note that this is a type of tent, and in strong wind conditions the tarp may make sound.
Ready made bed with linens is included.

Toilet, washing facilities, showers and drying room is situated in a separate buildings.
Dinner is served at 18.30. For the main course traditional Norwegian food is served (dish of the day), followed by desert and coffee. Pleas inform of special dietary needs at latest the day before arrival.

Breakfast is served between 08.00 and 09.30, and you can make a packed lunch and fill your thermos bottle if needed (price for lunch and thermos bottle comes in addition to the price of the stay).

Do you have other requirements for booking than what you can find here, pleas get in touch with Tuva Turisthytte directly, other rooms and solutions may be available.

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