Aasberg Internett

Aasberg Internett is based in Dagali, close to Geilo, and delivers wireless internet in areas without fiber connection, for cabins, homes and commercial buildings.

Aasberg Internet is based in Dagali and sends internet via radio signals through the air to your cabin, home or business. The network covers Hol and Nore and Uvdal municipalities, and regularly considers developing new areas.

Aasberg Internet has developed its own infrastructure and the network has been in operation since 2011. It has been thoroughly tested. The technology is particularly adapted to areas with scattered buildings, where it is expensive and impractical to lay fibre.

The radio waves travel at the speed of light and thus it is possible to achieve fiber speed, without digging or own efforts. The only thing needed is a small antenna that the fitter sets up.
Fast delivery - normally within 7 days
Free use - no quotas
No time restraint
100% satisfaction guarantee
Local support - also on weekends and holidays


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