Aasberg Alarm

Aasberg Alarm is an officially approved security and surveillance company with weights authorized personell. Aasberg Alarm AS is based in Dagali, close to Geilo, and delivers wireless internet in areas without fiber connection, alarm systems, smart houses, heat management, electric barriers, webcams and other smart solutions for cabins, homes and commercial buildings.

Aasberg Alarm is located in Dagali, Buskerud, Viken and the general manager is Christian Aasberg.

The company mainly serves Upper Hallingdal and Numedal, but also has a network in Ringerike.

For Aasberg Alarm it is important that you as a customer get help when you need it and has 24 hour support all week. Many of our customers are cabin owners who mostly use the cabin on weekends and holidays, we know that you need partners who are available when you use the cabin yourself.

Proudly Eco lighthouse certificated


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