Sauna & cold water therapy with Hilde

2-hour sauna ritual with essential oils, herbs, herbal tea, steam, music, singing, and cold water


Duration: 2 hours

Price includes: Sauna experience combined with essential oils, herbs, herbal tea, steam, music, singing, and cold water with a trained sauna master.

Number of participants: Up to 6 people. A minimum of 4 participants is required to conduct the activity.

Age limit: From 16 years old

What to bring: 2x towels (a bathrobe and 1 towel recommended), swimwear, shoes/sandals you can wear in the water, and cold water to drink. There are no changing rooms nearby, so it's recommended to arrive in your swimwear. Pack in a large bag or backpack for storing your clothes while enjoying the sauna. For guests at Vestlia Resort, you can walk to the sauna in bathrobes from the hotel.

Meeting point: Park at Vestlia Resort, at the lower parking lot. You can see the sauna from the parking lot. It is about a 5-minute walk from the sauna to the bathing spot, so it is important to have shoes/sandals that can get wet.

Contact information: [email protected], phone +47 416 36 579

Experience a unique sauna ritual that revitalizes both body and soul. Vinternatt's exclusive sauna experience combines essential oils, steam, herbs, music, and singing, all in harmony with the surrounding nature.

Upon arrival, the experienced sauna therapist will guide you through a holistic wellness experience. Enjoy the aromatic scents of selected essential oils, while herbs such as chamomile and lavender provide natural healing effects. The warm steam envelops you, and soothing music and beautiful singing create a harmonious atmosphere. The sauna experience connects you deeply with nature and yourself, leaving you relaxed and refreshed.

Can be booked private other days than Wednesdays and Fridays for groups of minimum of 4 people (or pay for 4 people). Please contact Vinternatt direcly for request.

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