90 min sauna and ice bathing at Ustaoset (Winter)

90 minutes private sauna experience combined with ice bathing.


Duration: 90 minutes

Explanation of quantity/booking: You are booking 1 sauna for private use for 90 minutes, including ice bath. Once you have booked the sauna, you can choose how many people will use it. See below for quantity information.

Price includes: Private sauna experience combined with ice bathing (optional) at Ustevatn. * The special price for locals is an offer only for residents of Hol Municipality. Please note that ice bathing is only possible on safe ice.

Amount: For up to 6 people. If you know each other well, you will have room for 8 pers.

Bring: Recommends towel and swimwear. If you wish to take an ice bath, you must bring wool socks, mittens, a hat and warm clothes. We recommend large spacious shoes that are easy to put on. There are no changing rooms nearby, so it is recommended to bring swimwear underneath your clothes.

Meeting place: "Joker" at Ustaoset. https://maps.app.goo.gl/zwa5mYoqTVMXVaPk8

Transportation: This activity takes place at Ustaoset. If you don’t have a car, you can use the train via vy.no or Brakar bus 334. For more information and timetables, please visit entur.no.

Parking: next to Joker/the petrol station. Parking fee is paid to the patrol station.

Contact information: [email protected] tel. 416 36 579


A 90 minute private sauna experience combined with ice bathing if you prefer.

Welcome to a warm and clean sauna for private use for 1.5 hours. The sauna has a panoramic window, is wood burning and has plenty of space for 6 seated people. If you want to lie down, it is good to have room for 2 people and if you know each other extra well, you will have room for 8 people.

The sauna is in the parking lot at Ustaoset. When buying this experience, you get to take part in ice bathing - a wonderful shock for both body and soul. The ice hole is located about 20m from the sauna. Guaranteed an unforgettable experience combined with high security.

There is extra water in the sauna so you can regulate the temperature yourself.

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