90 min sauna and bath at Ustaoset

90 minutes private sauna experience. Always located with good bathing possibility right outside the door. A perfect activity for group of friends or families.


Duration: 90 minutes

Price includes: Private sauna experience at Ustaoset. * The special price for locals is an offer only for residents of Hol Municipality. (The price is for the whole group)

Amount: 6 pax, if you know each other well the sauna will fit 8 pax. 

Bring: 2x towels (a bathrobe and 1 towel recommended), swimwear, shoes/sandals you can wear in the water, and cold water to drink. There are no changing rooms nearby, so it's recommended to arrive in your swimwear. Pack in a large bag or backpack for storing your clothes while enjoying the sauna.

Meeting place: The sauna is located along Ustevatn on Ustaoset. You can either take a train or bus to Ustaoset and go to the sauna, this takes about 2 minutes. If you choose to drive into the sauna, you can park outside Joker and walk through the tunell under the railway tracks between Joker and Ustaoset train station. It takes also just 2 minutes. If you do not find the sauna, please contact Vinternatt tel. +47 416 36 579

Parking: next to Joker. Parking fee is paid to the petrol station.

Transportation: This activity takes place at Ustaoset. If you don’t have a car, you can use the train via vy.no or Brakar bus. For more information and timetables, please visit entur.no.

Contact information: [email protected] or +47 416 36 579

A 90 minute private sauna experience!

Welcome to a warm and clean sauna for private use for 90 minutes. The sauna has a window with access to the magical view of Hardangervidda. It is wood burning and has plenty of space for 6 seated people. If you want to lie down, it is room for 2 people and if you know each other well, you will fit 8 people.

The sauna is always located with good bathing conditions right outside the door. Imagine a hike in the mountains that ends with a bath in Ustevatn followed by a warm and delicious sauna with fantastic views! There is extra water in the sauna so you can regulate the temperature yourself.

If you want a sauna experience with essential oils, damp and music, please contact sauna master Hilde at Vinternatt [email protected] for booking.

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